Surviving COVID-19: Reflections & A Photographic Journey

Surviving COVID-19: Reflections & A Photographic Journey

Officially launched October 7, 2022,  “Surviving COVID-19: Reflections & A Photographic Journey” uses photographs, archival and audiovisual material to explore the impact of COVID-19 prevention measures on the Mona Campus landscape as well as The UWI. This visual recollection unveils a series of photographs of the Mona Campus, collected from May 29 to June 02, 2020, and the 05, 16 & 20 September 2022. Empty halls of residence, food outlets, parking lots, roads, passageways and deserted entertainment areas all tell the story of the effects of the lockdown at Mona, while the advisories, town hall meetings and COVID-19 measures and sensitization videos shed light on the five campuses response to the pandemic and the containment measure implemented.

Audiovisual footage locates The UWI’s response within a larger global context. Using footage from local, regional and international news reports, we created a short documentary which sheds light on the emergence of the pandemic, the impact of the lockdown on the international community and people’s response to COVID-19 vaccines.

An interactive exhibition, we invite the community to share their personal experiences, donate objects and/or photographs and honor lost loved ones in our In Memoria section. Come join us in documenting this historic event and learning how people/societies respond to public health crises.

Listen to On-Campus this Sunday at 2 p.m. on News Talk 93FM for a brief feature on the exhibition’s launch.


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