Alumni Ambassadors


The Alumni Ambassadors are an elite cadre of professionals, who after being inducted in the Vice Chancellor's UWI STAT Ambassadorial Corps, continue to have a permanent link to the UWI after graduation and act as Alumni Ambassadors.

They continue to represent the Vice Chancellor, the University and their campuses and to promote service, volunteerism, Caribbean unity for prosperity and encourage “Pelican Pride” in UWI graduates the world over.

Alumni Ambassadors show that UWI STAT is indeed a LEADERSHIP INCUBATOR as they continue to excel and prove their professional aspirations and leadership potential in varied ways:

  • Rhodes Scholars (9)
  • Chevening and other scholarships
  • National awards such as the Prime Ministers’ Youth Awards 
  • Commonwealth Youth Ambassadors
  • Queen's Young Leaders
  • Political Representatives
  • Leadership positions in all disciplines and professions regionally and globlally

Alumni Ambassadors: - "Committed to Caribbean Self Reliance and Prosperity "



"UWISTAT is not a club, but a community and family of individuals across the region and across the campuses that are bonded together by a common experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Every time we bear the STAT colours or use the term 'Ambassador' to our name, understand that it is more than just a title; it comes with a responsibility to lead with EXCELLENCE.

When we call ourselves UWISTAT, we automatically align ourselves with a tradition that is strong and respected throughout the region.

Our mission is not to be a hub for idle doers but to build leaders to make a difference nationally and regionally.

So be reminded that whatever we do we do it with EXCELLENCE.
_ Remember that we are here to support and lift each other
_ Remember that we are a select few who have individually chosen to represent the proud traditions of The UWI.
_ Remember that sometimes it is through the difficulties that your leadership potential and style has the greatest opportunity to shine.
_ Remember that leaders aren't intimidated by other leaders but we learn from one another and grow together. We use our influence and position to build others and see them operate at their full capacity.

So I challenge you,  Ambassadors, to dig deep, keep connected and leave the Corps in a better place than you met it each time you interact, to pass on the traditions of Excellence, to keep the family spirit alive, to have fun and enjoy the successes together and to band together when you're tired and frustrated. I can guarantee you that the Corps will improve what you're made of individually and collectively.

We are UWISTAT!"

By Prunella Mungroo (Alumni Ambassador - St. Augustine) 




The Hon. Floyd Green - State Minister in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries - Jamaica  

Deputy Mayor Hillan Morean  - Deputy Mayor of Port of Spain - Trinidad and Tobago

Mr. Andy Wong Kee - Microbiologist - Coca Cola Caribbean Bottlers Ltd. - Trinidad and Tobago 

Mr. Stewart Howard - Managing Director, British Caribbean Bank Ltd.  - Turks and Caicos Islands

Ms. Rachel Boyce - Attorney-at-Law, Holland & Knight, San Francisco, UWIAA California Contact - USA

Dr. Darren Bodkin - Physician - Trinidad and Tobago 

Mr. Nikoli Edwards – Member of the Senate of Trinidad and Tobago, Vice Chair for Policy, Advocacy and Projects, Commonwealth Youth Council - Trinidad and Tobago 

Dr. Fallon Lutchmansingh – Research Coordinator DERPi and UWI - Trinidad and Tobago 

Mrs. Nicolette Wright-Black - Partner at BlackLaw & Associates, Attorneys-at-Law - Jamaica 

MrMaurice Burke – Project Manager at San Juan/Laventille Regional Corp. - Trinidad and Tobago  

Mrs. Kamille Adair Morgan - Attorney-at-Law, Rhodes Scholar, University of Oxford - Jamaica

Mr. Timar Jackson - Financial Professional, Actuarial Analyst, Rhodes Scholar, University of Oxford - Jamaica

Mr. Charles Ball - Spanish/ English Language Lecturer, Sydney Australia and UWIAA Contact Syndey

Dr. Nicole Nation - Queen's Young Leader 2015, Chevening Scholar 2019, Medical doctor 

Mr. Pedro Medford - Financial Professional and Senior Manager, CIBC FirstCaribbean (Regional Headquarters) - Barbados Exhibition Award Winner, Board Member of the Caribbean Actuarial Association 

Mr. Tijani Christian - Chaiman of the Commonwealth Youth Council, Former Chairperson - Caribbean Regional Youth Council, Youth Ambassador of Jamaica to the Commonwealth 2015-17, Queen's Young Leader 2016 - Jamaica 

Mr. Randy McLaren - Co-Founder and Managing Director of Bresheh Enterprises, Dub/Spoken Word Poet, Prime Minister's Youth Award (Jamaica) for Excellence in Arts and Culture - Jamaica  

Ms. Alecia Maragh - International Development Professional, Grant Officer at FHI360, British Chevening Scholar, Prime Minster's and Governor General's Awardee

Ms. Lacey Ann Bartley - Managing Director Bartley's All in Wood, Branson Centre Caribbean Entrepreneur

Mr. Lavois Cruickshank - Fellow - Office of the Prime Minister, Financial Economist, University of Birmingham and Jamaica National Foundation Legacy Scholar 

Don't see your name?  - contact 

RACHEL BOYCE - UWIAA California Contact 

After successfully passing the California Bar, she is an associate at Holland and Knight LLP, where she is the only Caribbean woman and black attorney at the San Francisco office. As an Alumni Ambassador she continues to strive to engage alumni with UWI in the California area.  Recently featured in The Nation News Barbados - A success story.



"One UWI, One Alumni Family" 


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