Alumni Engagement Programme

The Alumni Engagement Programme (AEP)

Welcome - we are pleased that you are are taking part in the AEP! 

We are delighted that you are going to share the ways you have connected students with alumni or have yourself connected with other alumni. 

The AEP is easy and quick, plus the information you enter will give us statistics to support The UWI's Accreditation and Rankings efforts - as we want to remain the Number 1 University in the Caribbean and in the top 5% of universities in the world!

Help us to remain at the top - just use the e-forms below which only take a few minutes to complete! 

Lecturers: The AEP asks only that each UWI lecturer, at an appropriate time,once a semester at minimum, invites a graduate in the field who can share work experience, trends or cutting edge discoveries, ways to overcome challenges, articles, useful organizations to join and more, with students. Lecturers click here to complete the form.

UWIAA Executive Members and Chancellor's Presidents' Club Members: The AEP allows you to let us know ways you have interacted with UWI students, attended official or social events, met visiting UWI staff members and the like, in your capacity as UWIAA Executive Board members.  

Alumni: The AEP allows you to let us know ways you have assisted or signed up to assist, UWI students, as advisors, mentors, e-mentors or hosted students, given internship, shadowing or employment   opportunities etc.  

UWI STAT Ambassadors and Alumni Ambassadors: The AEP allows you to share how you have involved your circles of influence or interacted with students or alumni.  

To make it even easier you may also access the AEP through the PELICANS ENGAGE App!

This is an easy way to share alumni engagement information 24/7. By having the App on your smart phone you can let us know anytime that you engage with other alumni or with UWI students. Just fill in the form that applies to you and hit  ENTER!

Pelicans Engage on Google Play   Pelicans Engage on App Store

Thank you so much - this information is invaluable! 


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