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E-Mentorship is a “win-win” for those who are involved in the process - both E- Mentors and E- mentees. The students (our future alumni ) and in turn the entire region and Caribbean Diaspora benefit from the mentoring experience. E-Mentorship allows students to have an informal relationship with alumni, as they strive to take ownership of their careers. It also facilitates personal and professional growth with the help of our graduate population who volunteer their time as E-Mentors via the internet.

Q = What is a Mentor? A = A wise advisor

E-Mentors are UWI graduate volunteers and offer advice to the best of their ability/knowledge and from their personal experience. E-Mentors offer their services to UWI students and come from varied countries and backgrounds which influence their advice and is thus a way to get different perspectives. 

Students are encouraged to contact several E-Mentors to obtain different advice and be exposed to varied viewpoints. 

E-Mentors may be able to give examples of pitfalls or the highlights that they have experienced during their careers. They may be able to give valuable information or guidance to those students following the same career choice.

Disclaimer: - E -Mentors cannot guarantee the advice they give is the best, nor the most appropriate however; and thus students should understand that they are giving the advice based on their career, knowledge, experiences and professional expertise. Neither they nor The UWI, are liable for any decisions/work undertaken as a result of E- Mentrorship. Additionally, for any matters to do with degree regulations, E-mentees must consult and adhere to the official university documentation available through their respective campus offices.

Alumni Online E-mentoring is a graduate/student SUPPORT SYSTEM to help UWI students have access to a wide variety of academic and career oriented advice gained from posing questions via email to professionals in their field of study.

E-mentorship is providing the medium through which I can successfully transfer my wealth of knowledge obtained at the noble institution of The University of the West Indies as I assist future leaders. As such I feel great pride - "Pelican Pride" to be affiliated with this programme!

Sueann Kirkpatrick

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