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UWI Mona’s Dog Squabbles

There has long been an eviction squabble between The University of the West Indies and the stray dogs occupying the Mona Campus. As early as the second month of its establishment, the University’s administrators were forced to implement policies to limit the number of dogs on the Campus. Outlined in the Provisional Senate’s meeting minutes of November 18, 1948 (ref. UC-BC-11), are the rules governing the “Control of Dogs” on the campus. The policy stipulates that: 


Welcome to 2022

Warmest wishes to you for the year 2022. Over the last two years we have faced many challenges and uncertainties and thus far we have survived. However, we still have to contend with the pandemic. For 2022, The UWI Museum is officially reopening its doors to you our valued stakeholders. All that we ask is that you contact us to schedule your visit. We will NOT be accepting walk-ins. 


The Sluice Gate at Mona

Located on Hermitage Road, near The UWI Mona Campus main gate, is a small brick structure. Unlike the other historic remains on the Mona Campus, this piece is neither connected to any other structure, nor is it situated within the immediate proximity of other ruins.


The Republic of Barbados – Sovereignty in Totality

Astounding, wouldn’t you say?The little island of Barbados has claimed sovereignty in totality!Fifty-five years ago, on a day like today, November 30, Barbados ceased National independence, en route to full autonomy.



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