UWI Legacy Programme

The UWI Legacy Programme

UWI Pelicans - we invite you to participate in this programme.  It is a wonderful way to leave a legacy that will impact the next generation - simply by remembering The UWI in your wills.

ALL bequests are valued - no matter the size.

We encourage you to discuss with your attorney-at-law the best way to include The UWI in your will and look forward to your participation in the Legacy Programme. .

All Pelicans are encouraged to support the UWI Legacy Programme which is a part of the IAD’s philanthropic thrust, in which alumni may participate..

Your gift through the UWI Legacy Programme can assist in many ways:

  • Undergraduate scholarships 
  • Postgraduate scholarships 
  • The buildings and facilities of the UWI 
  • Financial support for students in need 
  • Endowed Chairs      and more!

** You may designate/specify any of the above or give to the general fund which will assign the funds to the area of greatest need.

4 easy ways to leave a UWI Legacy:

Pecuniary legacy - A straightforward gift of a specific amount of money. (Note: to keep the value of a pecuniary legacy up to date, you can index-link your legacy, or review your Will at intervals, or add a Codicil).

Residuary bequest - This involves the bequest of the residue of your net estate after other legacies and provisions have been made and could include real estate. A residue may be left to one recipient or divided. The testator does not have to decide the exact amount of the bequest.

Life interest - Another way of helping The University of the West Indies is to leave money or other assets to UWI after the death of your spouse or other relative. This means that they benefit from your estate during their lifetime, but afterwards the assets pass to UWI. Your attorney can advise any tax relief implications.

Non-pecuniary legacy - It is possible to leave gifts in the form of shares or other assets such as property, artwork or other valuables which can then be sold. This can be an attractive option if the assets have appreciated in value over the years and would be liable to Capital Gains Tax if sold by the owner.


Individuals are encouraged to let UWI know about their intended gifts by advising the University Legal Counsel and IAD for follow up purposes. (We won't know about your amazing gesture and generosity without you letting us know!) 

Sons and Daughters of the Pelican - We look forward to you leaving your LEGACY to your Alma Mater:  "The UWI - First in our hearts, first in our region!" 

Note: The UWI Legacy Programme was created and implemented by the Director of Alumni Relations for The UWI, with the assistance of the University Legal Unit in 2006.

For further information kindly contact the Institutional Advancement Division at iad@alumni.uwi.edu 

We look forward to you leaving your UWI Legacy!


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