Cancer, Cardiometabolic Disease and Mental & Neurological Conditions

The projects here outline the impact of implementation and intervention efforts - e.g. community health advocates, team-based approaches, local food and drug metabolites and mindfulness - on cardiometabolic, metastatic and mental health diseases - e.g. diabetes, hypertension and dementia - within various clinical and community contexts for e.g. faith-based organisations.

Projects under this programme

  • CONTACT (Congregations Taking Action Against NCDs) STUDY. Investigators: Professor Rainford Wilks, Dr Shelly McFarlane, Dr Ishtar Govia, Dr Novie-Younger-Coleman
  • The Barbados Diabetes Remission Study 2. Investigators: Kim Quimby, Natasha Sobers, Natalie Greaves, Colette George, Daniel Lambton-Howard, Patrick Olivier
  • Assessing effectiveness of a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program in Faith-Based Organizations in Barbados: A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial. Investigators: Natasha Sobers, Professor Trevor Ferguson, Dr Saria Hassan, Professor Ian Hambleton, Professor Simon Anderson, Dr Kia Lewis
  • Implementing and Scaling Up a Team-based Care Strategy for Hypertension Control in Colombia and Jamaica. Investigators - Jiang He, MD, Patricio Lopez-Jaramillo, Marshall Kerr Tulloch-Reid, CAIHR - Nadia Bennett, Jacqueline Duncan, Trevor Ferguson, Ishtar Govia, Tulane - Hua He, Katherine Mills, Lizheng: Shi, Jing: Chen, Paul Whelton; Columbia - Zulma Urbina Contreras, Gregorio Sanchez Vallejo, Claudia Narvaez-Avellaneda, Alfonso Campo Carey, Paul Camacho, Gustavo Aroca Martin├ęz, Edgar Arcos Palma
  • MICA - Fruit and Vegetable Bioactives from Jamaican Plant Foods for Optimising Universal Reduction in Hypertension: The "FAVOURITE" Trial. Andrew Webb, Trevor Ferguson, Ana Rodriquez-Mateos, Nadia Bennett, Rupika Delgoda, Novie Younger Coleman, J Kennedy Cruickshank
  • Mindfulness Training in LMICs. PI: Ishtar Govia, Co-Is Rochelle Amour & Tiffany Palmer
  • A Prospective, Randomized Controlled Double-Blind Trial to Assess Efficacy Of Adjunctive Cannabinoid Therapy In Managing Pain And Symptoms Of Cancer In Patients With Malignant Cancer. Principal Investigator: Dr Winston Delahaye. Overall Chief Trial Investigator: Marvin Reid, Shelly Mcfarlane. Investigators: Dr Margaret Dingle Spence, Dr Lorenzo Gordon