Interpersonal Violence

This programme includes the development, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination of integrated early childhood development and violence prevention interventions across home and school settings. The interventions are integrated into the existing early childhood educational network to promote scale-up and sustainability.

Projects under this programme

Featured Project

Evidence for Better Lives, Foundational Study. Investigators: Manuel Eisner (PrincipaI Investigator, Institute of Criminology, Cambridge) Adriana Baban, Michael Dunne, Pasco Fearon, Asvini Fernando, A Hafeez, Claire Hughes, Bernadette Madrid, Aja Murray, Joseph Osafo, Siham Sikander, Mark Tomlinson, Susan Walker (CAIHR), Catherine Ward

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Other projects

  • The Irie Classroom Toolbox: A Cluster Randomised Trial of Universal Violence Prevention Programme in Jamaican Preschools. Investigators: Helen Baker-Henningham (PI), Marcos Vera-Hernandez (University College London), Marsha Bowers (Co-I), Taja Francis (Co-I), Susan Walker (Co-I)
  • Dissemination of The Irie Classroom Toolbox. Investigators: Helen Baker-Henningham (PI), Marsha Bowers (Co-I), Taja Francis (Co-I)
  • Irie Jamaican Classroom Toolbox Hybrid and Addition of Functional Literacy and Numeracy Module. Investigators: Helen Baker-Henningham (PI), Marsha Bowers (Co-I), Taja Francis (Co-I)
  • The Irie Homes Toolbox: Development and Evaluation. Investigators: Helen Baker-Henningham (Co-PI), Taja Francis (Co-I)
  • Non-violent parenting and stress coping support to caregivers in Jamaica. Investigators: Multi-PIs: Helen Baker-Henningham (UWI), Lelys Dinarte (World Bank), Shawn Powers (World Bank), Saravana Ravindran (National University of Singapore), Manisha Shah (UCLA). Other UWI investigator: Taja Francis