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This Scholarship is established to support students pursuing the Master of Science in the following programmes: (i) Agricultural Entrepreneurship, (ii) Plant Production and Protection and (iii) Biotechnology at the Mona Campus of The University of the West Indies.
The applicant must:

  1. Be a Jamaican national
  2. Pursuing a postgraduate degree in one of the following Master of Science programmes in (i) Agricultural Entrepreneurship, (ii) Plant Production and Protection and (iii) Biotechnology
  3. High academic performance (at least a GPA of 3.0 or equivalent; must maintain high academic performance throughout the programme.
  4. Verifiable financial need
  5. Sustained good citizenship/ meet all other requirements of the University pertinent to student behaviour, discipline and performance.


  1. US$3,750 per annum.
  2. The award covers/contributes to the Tuition
  3. The Awardee may apply for other scholarships/grants and loans to cover other costs

DURATION OF AWARD:                 Two (2) years 

All applications shall be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Transcript from UWI covering Year 1 (once you were given an offer by The UWI, we can retrieve copy transcript)
  2. A one page essay on the Applicant’s educational goals
  3. 2 character reference letters


  1. The scholarship would be advertised on campus and/ or any other University media (and by any other institution named by the Donor).
  2. Short-listed candidates will be interviewed by a panel including personnel from UWI, the Donor and any other representative, as selected by the Donor.

HOW TO APPLY                   
Submit the completed application form with all the other relevant documents to the School for Graduate Studies and Research, Regional Headquarters via email at, on/before June 30, 2022


30 Jun 2022

See Application Form

Scholarship Information

OAS Scholarships 

The OAS Academic Scholarship Program (Regular Program), established in 1958, grants scholarships every year for the pursuit of Master’s Degrees, Doctoral Degrees and Graduate Research leading to a university degree. The OAS Special Caribbean Scholarships Program (SPECAF), established in 1983, grants scholarships for the last two years of undergraduate studies to citizens and residents of the English-speaking Caribbean OAS Member States, and Suriname.

The Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarship are postgraduate awards supporting exceptional all-round students at the University of Oxford. Established in the will of Cecil Rhodes in 1902, the Rhodes is the oldest and perhaps the most prestigious international scholarship program in the world. The Rhodes Scholarship candidates from Jamaica and the Commonwealth Caribbean may apply for one of two Rhodes Scholarship as follows:

  • The Jamaica Rhodes Scholarship, available to candidates from Jamaica only;
  • The Commonwealth Caribbean Rhodes Scholarship, available to candidates from the Caribbean generally, excluding Jamaicans (but subject to the Selection Committee’s discretion).

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) provide grants for all stages of researchers' careers - be they doctoral candidates or highly experienced researchers - and encourage transnational, intersectoral and interdisciplinary mobility. The MSCA enable research-focused organisations (universities, research centres, and companies) to host talented foreign researchers and to create strategic partnerships with leading institutions worldwide.

Commonwealth Scholarships

The Commonwealth Scholarship (CS) is an international programme under which Commonwealth governments offer scholarships and fellowships to citizens of other Commonwealth countries.