He has set himself the goal of raising the profile of sport as an academic discipline. Now, student in the Faculty of Sport, Taahir Bulbulia explains how he is using sport as a vehicle for change through his Sports Science Society.
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The Faculty Of Sport would like to recognize the following students for their exemplary academic performance

These Students were able to attain a GPA of 3.6 and above

Full Time – 13 awardees

JOHN, Connie, HACKSHAW, Ariel Lakeisha, MCCONNEY, Cristanna CheriseMOHAMMED, Ronaldo Rishaad, MUSTOR, Abigail Lisa, RICHARDS, Ricarlo Orello, BARROW, Shakira Danielle BEST, Natasha Amelia, CHARLERY, Sherneil Tember Igna, JOSEPH, Larry Nuron, MANNING, Jonathan Michael Jared, PAYNE, Akeil Renaldo, WALTERS, Damique Karreem Michael

Part time
ELMS-EDGHILL, Ida Antonette

The Faculty is proud of our first set of graduates at the Cave Hill campus".  A total of 24 graduates in both the undergraduate and graduate programmes in Sport Sciences were awarded their degree at the 2019 graduation ceremony in Cave Hill.

"I can say with great confidence that I have absolutely no regrets about choosing Sports Medicine. It was a difficult decision at the time but I can truly say that I have benefited a great deal from the wealth of information and exposure that Sports Medicine has allowed me. It was a great experience." - Dr. Shenae Miller - MSc. Sports Medicine

Congratulations to Priyanka Dhanie - winner of the 2018/2019 Student Athlete Award at the Cave Hill Campus.

Priyanka continues to excel in a discipline which is not as highly recognized as track and field and soccer in today’s world. Yet she continues to prove why she is a true Champion not only in the classroom but also in Archery. Priyanka’s sporting bio not only speaks to discipline as a champion but also her love to develop younger minds through coaching. Her commitment to the sport of Archery allows her to incorporate what she has learnt in her Sport Science courses. Priyanka has been able to balance her academics with her vigorous training schedule and her travel itinerary for competition and qualifiers. Despite being absent from class due to competition travel Priyanka has still been able to maintain a semester and cumulative GPA above 3.00.

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Each semester the Dean recognizes students for their academic work. This academic year ends with the following students making it on the Dean's List for Semester 1, 2018/2019 for their excellent performance all-round. 


Back row from left –

Keric Duval, Larry Joseph, Damique Walters, Hasani Newton, Amanda reifer, Nicholas Vahyatharayil


Natasha Best, Sherneil Charlery, Shakira Barrow, Cadijah Mars, Taahir  Bulbulia

Job well done! We wish you continued success. 

CCC Wins  T20  Tournament!


The CCC in a well fought and skillful performance  heads the table as the 2019 UWI World Universities T20 Tournament winners. 


The UWI Mona cricket team are crowned champions of the Jamaica Cricket Association 2018 senior cup cricket competition. Having outplayed Melbourne Cricket over the two-day competition, scoring 299 runs on the first day of play and 77 runs on the second day. The Mona cricketers came out in fine style, with the man of the match Akim Fraser taking a total of 8 wickets to secure the prestigious championship.