University Office of Planning

About the Plan


"The time is right to address the matter of repositioning the University to be globally competitive and
financially sustainable. We are monetising our strong international reputation by expanding our
educational goods and services to a global market.

For the period 2022–2027, Phase II: The Revenue Revolution we will advance a
series of strategic steps to convert The UWI’s international reputational value into much-needed revenue
to stabilise the University and improve its financial health as well as the leveraging of digital

The UWI Triple A Strategy Phase II: The Revenue Revolution

This phase of the Plan is grounded in the vision that, while The UWI needs to facilitate an Access revolution in higher education in the Caribbean region given the low level of enrollment at the Tertiary level, regionally and also among members of the Caribbean diaspora, deepen the Alignment of its resources and capabilities with industry to provide path-breaking solutions to challenges which hinder firm and industry competitiveness, become more Agile to take advantage of opportunities in the local, regional and global marketplace; it is these three strategic goals that will drive the Revenue Revolution strategy.