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Cataloguing Rex’s Collection

By Lashawndla Bailey-Miller

Do You Know This Building? YES!

Are you a student, alumni, staff or former staff of the UWI, Mona Campus? How well do you know the Mona campus landscape? The UWI Museum is giving you an opportunity to test your knowledge of the campus landscape by engaging in an exciting activity of identifying the building(s) in photographs of the Mona Campus from the late 1940s onwards.

Over the next few months we will be posting on our social media pages thought provoking photos that will either drag your memory or stimulate your imagination.

Photo by Dr. Owen Minott.

Time Travelling

by Janell Anderson
While working as a JAMVAT student in the UWI Museum and Archives, every day was a new adventure, a journey through time. Through the various collections that I worked with, I found myself being transported back to the foundation of the University College of the West Indies during its early years. I was quite fascinated by the Owen Minott collection, Leonie Forbes, Mervyn Morris and Phillip Sherlock Centre for Creative Arts (P.S.C.F.C.A) collections because of their impact on the history of the UWI and Jamaica’s cultural heritage.

A/V Post: Sparking Memories

Some of our best stories are sparked by visitors coming face by face with an artifact: a letter of admission for a pioneering student; a vase presented to the chapel, a bust of a university founder…
Sometimes we’re able to catch the moment or the story on video or audio or photo. Sometimes all we have is the memory of a memory.


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