"Connect" with your Alma Mater no matter where you are in the world and assist via sustained care and generosity.

Help build a better University for a better Caribbean and a better world. Attract and keep Faculty who are engaged in every area of interdisciplinary innovation. Create a student body preparing for leadership in a global environment. Scholarships change lives!


Did you know that UWI has an army? Not a traditional military, but an army of  volunteers who are committed individuals who dedicate their time and energy to UWI. They help organize reunions, take part in e-mentorship, give valuable feedback to UWI Committees, and particpate and assist in our alumni and student events.

The tireless efforts of our volunteers are a vital part of UWI and contribute to the experience of UWI students and graduates. We really appreciate the involvement of ALL of our volunteers - to them we say a heartfelt - THANK YOU !



We want you to maintain your UWI Connections and help you to:


Discounts and concessions (Pelican Perks) are available through your UWI Alumni Association (UWIAA) membership card (Annual, Life and Associate). It does not matter where you join – benefits are available as follows:


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