The Regional Student Alumni Programme

UWI STAT (Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow) Vice Chancellor's Ambassador Corps.

UWI STAT Ambassadors are the Vice Chancellor’s Student Representatives on all five UWI campuses. Activities and events are organised and coordinated through the Institutional Advancement Division (IAD), UWI Regional Headquarters.

UWI STAT provides students with opportunities to integrate with fellow Caribbean and international students. It provides varied experiences to enhance their education and develop their leadership skills through involvement in campus, community and alumni activities.

To become a UWI STAT Ambassador you have to apply, be interviewed and selected and then trained. After satisfying certain criteria you are inducted into the Ambassadorial Corps and pledge lifelong alliegance to The UWI. 

Guild Connection: All Guild Presidents are automatically ex-officio UWI STAT Ambassadors.  

Main Objectives:

  • To promote UWI, foster "Pelican Pride" and loyalty to Alma Mater
  • To encourage Caribbean integration and the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME)
  • To promote HIV/Aids prevention in the Caribbean
  • To promote Disaster Mitigation and Climate Change Resilience 

UWI STAT Ambassadors aim to be leaders and companions to fellow students, alumni and the UWI community. They introduce students to the importance of alumni relations and loyalty and service, educate them about the UWIAA and the relevance of Caribbean cross-cultural integration, thereby cultivating in students the relevance of a life long relationship with The University of the West Indies.


The Regional UWI STAT Corps falls under the Director of Alumni Relations, who is located at the UWI Regional Headquarters and is responsible for this Ambassadorial Programme.


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 CARICOM LinkTo promote the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) and regional integration, the UWI STAT Corps liaises with the CARICOM Youth Ambassadors. Areas of cooperation include training, advocacy, research, project coordination and execution.

 CARICOM Secretariat PR70 - Role for EPA in Unlocking Economic Value

UWI STAT provides students with opportunities for integration with fellow Caribbean colleague. It encourages the development of leadership skills. It provides experiences that enhance their education and promotes regional “Pelican Pride” through involvement in campus, community and alumni activities.

UWI STAT = LIFELONG INVOLVEMENT WITH THE UWI ! All Ambassdors in good standing become Alumni Ambassadors 

UWI STAT is UNIQUE because:

  •  It is the only REGIONAL student club which falls under the Institutonal Advancement Division (IAD) and represents the Vice Chancellor. Ambassadors also represent their Principal and campus.   
  • It is responsible for FOOTPRINTS, the only annual regional student giving campaign which engenders the tradition of giving back to Alma Mater.  
  • All Ambassadors who were active and in good standing become Alumni Ambassadors upon graduation and thus remain lifelong members of the Corps and form a cadre of diverse professionals who serve the Vice Chancellor and the Caribbean region. Additionally they play a vital role in the continuing success of the Corps through mentorship of current Ambassadors and sharing of professional experiences etc. 
  • It is responsible for the Pelican Pride programme on all 5 UWI campuses to create loyalty and Pelican Pride amongst incoming students and alumni.


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