Mission: "The UWI STAT Ambassador Corps gives service, exercises leadership and proudly supports the best interest and traditions of the UWI, its fellow students and alumni, through volunteerism, responsible citizenship and the promotion of Caribbean pride, culture and values."


  • Give service and exercise leadership in promoting the goals, aims and objectives of UWI STAT
  • Be equipped with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to advocate for and to educate their student peers
  • Channel youth ideas and perspectives on topical issues to the Vice Chancellor and other policy makers
  • Work strategically with other regional youth groups such as the CARICOM Youth Ambassadors
  • Act with honesty, integrity and professionalism
  • Model and promote pride in regional diversity, volunteerism and responsible citizenship and provide mentorship when needed
  • Promote Caribbean pride, culture and values
  • Be responsible for the annual Student Giving Footprints: Students for Development programme

The 5 Guild Presidents of The UWI campuses are all ex-officio UWI STAT Ambassadors. 

Ambassadors are responsible for promoting their campus and the entire institution regionally and internationally. They encourage their student peers to "give back" to their campuses through the regional annual FOOTPRINTS: Students for Development programme and promote involvement in alumni relations, as well as "connectivity" and engagement with the respective campuses / institution via the UWI Alumni Association (UWIAA).

UWI STAT Pledge: As a UWI STAT Ambassador, I pledge allegiance to The University of the West Indies and promise to uphold and defend the integrity and pride of this institution., my country and region through diligence, excellence, commitment and success.

HISTORY: UWI STAT was created and developed by the Director of Alumni Relations in the Office of the Vice Chancellor, Mrs Celia Davidson Francis, in 2005, in association with the Guild of Students of the then three UWI campuses. As the Founder, she is affectionately known as UWI STAT's  "First Lady. She envisaged a link for the UWI Centre (RHQ) between students and the Vice Chancellery so that a regional student alumni programme could be created and she approached Vice Chancellor E. Nigel Harris with the idea and he approved the idea and asked her to contact the Guild Presidents with her idea of an Ambassadorial Corps.  

The Corps was formed in order to increase regional ties between students and alumni and create student awareness of alumni relations and alumni involvement. The official launch of the programme took place on January 23, 2006.

Like other student organizations, it is registered with the Office of Student Services on all campuses.

The three 2005- 2006 Guild of Students Presidents (Richard Toomer – Mona, Fallon Lutchmansingh - St. Augustine and Floyd Green - Cave Hill) are the founding members. The Open Campus was not yet in existence at that time. Now there is a UWI STAT Ambassadorial Corps for each UWI Campus.    

The following was written to inspire!


"UWISTAT is not a club, but a community and family of individuals across the region and across the campuses that are bonded together by a common experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Every time we bear the STAT colours or use the term 'Ambassador' to our name, understand that it is more than just a title; it comes with a responsibility to lead with EXCELLENCE.

When we call ourselves UWISTAT, we automatically align ourselves with a tradition that is strong and respected throughout the region.

Our mission is not to be a hub for idle doers but to build leaders to make a difference nationally and regionally.

So be reminded that whatever we do we do it with EXCELLENCE.
_ Remember that we are here to support and lift each other
_ Remember that we are a select few who have individually chosen to represent the proud traditions of The UWI.
_ Remember that sometimes it is through the difficulties that your leadership potential and style has the greatest opportunity to shine.
_ Remember that leaders aren't intimidated by other leaders but we learn from one another and grow together. We use our influence and position to build others and see them operate at their full capacity.

So I challenge you,  Student Ambassadors, to dig deep, to leave the Corps in a better place than you met it, to pass on the traditions of Excellence, to keep the family spirit alive, to have fun and enjoy the successes together and to band together when you're tired and frustrated. I can guarantee you that the Corps will improve what you're made of individually and collectively.

We are UWISTAT!"

By Prunella Mungroo (Alumni Ambassador - St. Augustine) 


One of the mandates of the UWI STAT Corps is Disaster Mitigation and Climate Change and the Corps now hosts an annual regional Climate Change Conference to give the youth of the Caribbean a "voice" on this important issue as they will be the generation living in a climate impacted world.

The Corps also encourages young people (18-35 years) to join the UWI STAT Climate Change Advocacy and Action Network (CCAAN). The Ambassadors also encourage like minded organisations to have their members join so that young people across the region can support their petitions and advocacy mechanisms. The collective unified voice is the strongest!


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