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50 years ago, during the 8th British Empire & Commonwealth Games held August 4-13, 1966 and the following 2nd Paraplegic Games, held August 14-20, over 1000 athletes from around the world made their homes in the halls of residence of the University of the West Indies – at Irvine, Taylor, Chancellor and Seacole Halls. The Commonwealth Games took place at the still new National Stadium, while the Paraplegic Games were held at the university sports facilities at what is now known as the Mona Bowl.

GUEST POST: ‘Calling UWI Geographers!’

Recent visitors at the UWI Museum included Cecille Harriott Depass who has been inspired to pull together a memorial to the early development of the University of the West Indies Geography Department. We’re happy to facilitate her call for engagement and participation:
Cecille Harriott Depass (right) on a recent visit to the UWI Museum, with Bev Phillips and Tony Depass
Cecille Harriott Depass:  “Open Call to UWI Geography Dept’s  students and professors to contribute to a Book of Memories.

GUEST POST: The Musical Legacy in Ethiopia of the 1966 Visit

GUEST POST: Again ‘Facing the Challenge of a New Age’; Reflecting on 50 years after Martin Luther King in Jamaica

GUEST POST by Dr E. Anthony Allen
I entered the University of the West Indies in 1960 as a medical student. This fledgling institution was then only twelve years old. During my time there I had the privilege of associating with other ‘students of the sixties’. As we walked the campus paths we prepared ourselves and dreamed of a future. Eventually, together with staff, relatives and well-wishers, we gathered in the Assembly Hall in June 1965 for a very special Valedictory Service. The Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would deliver the sermon.


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