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What is it that helps ground us in our cultures? Any answer would include histories, stories told across generations, natural specimens, and artifacts – meaningful works shaped by people – that we can relate to with a sense of belonging, wonder or curiosity. Yet the illicit traffic in historic cultural property is leaching that away and it has become a matter of serious concern in the Caribbean as in many other areas with far higher profiles.

Talking Archaeology, Heritage, Conservation, Material Culture

Archaeology, Heritage, Conservation, Material Culture: these are areas near and dear to the hearts of museums and other repositories; and they are the areas from which topics are being drawn for the 16th Archaeological Society of Jamaica Symposium on March 15.

GUEST POST: Sir? Do you have anything on ‘Ethnocentrism’?

Sir? Do you have anything on ‘Ethnocentrism’?
Dr Stanley Griffin (right) with students visiting the UWI Museum. Full disclosure: These were not the Carib Civ students! We didn’t catch him on camera that time.
by Dr Stanley H Griffin, UWI Archives

JUST FOR FUN: The story of Eleven Years, Two Countries, One Hat!

In 2006, an American archaeologist working in Jamaica brought her parents along for a visit. One highlight was a trip to the Trelawny Yam Festival in Albert Town. Dr Jillian Galle and her parents Pete and Janet remember the winding drive trip up the mountain, the hustle and bustle and constant music and the many kinds of yam spread out on offer. As a souvenir, Pete bought himself a Trelawny Yam Festival cap, which became a prized possession, hanging with other caps at his farmhouse in the state of Maine, USA.


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