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Making Connections

GUEST POST: The Past is Now: Birmingham and the British Empire

Decolonisation is a process that many once considered to have been accomplished but which increasingly is being re-identified for action. Rachael Minott worked on an exhibition running at the Birmingham Museum in the UK that sets out to expose the active links between past and present. We asked her to tell us about it: 
Guest Post by Rachael Minott, Exhibition Researcher and granddaughter of UWI Pioneering Student Dr Owen Minott

Following Up: Who was that painter?

Who painted the landscape of the mountains behind what’s now the UWI Mona campus that we recently received as a donation? We knew he was said to be a World War 2 internee at Gibraltar Camp near Kingston, Jamaica. The signature on the painting looked like ‘V.A.Cattaneo’ – but if so, who was he?


History is a montage – a tapestry – a patchwork. Much depends on the perspective and the sources available. And we have to be willing to consider all sorts of sources as we understand and fill gaps in the story.


Why are we looking at World War 2 Internment Camps as part of our May 18 International Museum Day (IMD) focus this year? 


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