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A Week of Gifts!

It was a great week for gifts to the UWI Museum. Small gifts in some ways, but big in thoughtfulness and trust and content.


The UWI Museum & the UWI Mona’s Department of History & Archaeology birthed it’s UWI and the 1960s series in 2015 to explore the regional university’s connections with the iconic people and philosophies emerging from this decade of ferment, a half century ago.


2017 has started with a rush and we want to make sure that you’re kept up to date. So aside from exhibitions and our on-going focus on enriching the social history of the UWI, we are collaborating on a January 27 UWI and the 1960s event with our colleagues at the Department of History & Archaeology; and we are engaging with a project to spread skills on 3-D and spherical technologies as they apply to museums.

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