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Cayman Islands

UWIAA Cayman

President:  Mrs Janet Dash Harris

Assisting =  Mr Alan Robinson 

Past President: Mrs Leanora Wynter-Young 

Chancellor's Presidents' Club Member - Leanora Wynter-Young

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UWI Open Campus (Cayman) 186 Olympic Way GT
P.O. Box 12228
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands KY1-1010
Tel: 345-939-1567          Fax: 345-949-0886            Email: cayman@alumni.uwi.edu


Miss Tamara Patten, UWI STAT Vice President, Membership of the Open Campus Corps will also be willing to assist with the re-building of the Cayman Islands Alumni Chapter.

She has contacted the following alumni who will also be a part of the "invigoration process".
1.     Sherolene Belnavis    
2.     Melisa Bent                
3.     Cassius Feare                      
4.     Bicola Perry                
They will also be assisted by Ms. Corry Chambers and Ms. Nadesha Naathi
If you are a UWI graduate in Cayman - feel free to contact any of these Pelicans who will help you to
become more engaged with the UWIAA Cayman.   

Caymanian UWI Graduates include:

Hon. Anthony Smellie, Chief Justice
Mr. Samuel Bulgin, Attorney General
Mrs. Margaret Ramsay-Hayle, Judge
Dr. Guy Harvey, Artist, Marine Biologist
Ms. Trisha Hutchinson, Attorney-at-Law
Mr. James Tibbetts, Director,Airport Authority

Ms. Maxine Anglin

Ms. Brenda Dawkins 

Ms. Karlene Bramwell 

Dr. Steve Tomlinson
Ms. Desiree Charles, Education Specialist
Mr. Robert Geofroy, Head, UWI Open Campus Cayman
Ms. Nova Hall, Magistrate 


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