Golden Harvest

Saving money can be easy. The Golden Harvest is a long-term savings plan offered through the UWI (Mona) and Community Co-operative Credit Union by Cuna Mutual Insurance Society, can help you "harvest" your future goals and dreams such as:

  • Financing your child’s education
  • Buying a house or car
  • Planing for retirement
  • Taking a well deserved vacation

It is a group decreasing term life insurance and savings plan for individuals between the ages of 15 & 65. To become a part of such a plan, no medical is required. You may agree to contract with the credit union to make regular monthly deposits for a specific number of years (maximum of 10) and you may receive insurance of up to J$4 million.

We encourage you to use this plan to save and to also allow UWI to benefit. When you reach savings goal, you can "harvest" the lump sum and donate a portion to fund a UWI scholarship or bursary for example, and enjoy the remainder as you wish.

You may also elect to donate the entire "harvested" sum to your Alma Mater.

As a result of this insurance plan, in case of death, the Golden Harvest allows your family to benefit in your absence. The amount the beneficiary receives is not the amount actually saved, but the amount that is pledged.

This type of savings may be used to secure a loan at the ratio of 1:1 (It is the sum saved that will be used and not the amount pledged).

For information contact: 876-927-2211


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