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Heritage Education Funds International

Save for your child (or grandchild's) tertiary education with Heritage Education Funds International (HEFI) especially for UWIAA members

HEFI has an EXCLUSIVE offer to UWIAA members:

  • A waiver on the required initial deposit on monthly plans.
  • USD$5.00 per unit to each UWIAA member who refers a non-member who ultimately signs a contract. 
  • UWIAA members will also be pleased to note that in addition to the two tangible benefits they receive (waiver and referral and waiver), they are also assisting the UWI, as for each new enrollment in  the plan by a UWIAA member, Heritage will make a donation of US$10.00 per unit to the UWI at no cost to the member. 

This is an exciting opportunity you can't afford to miss if you have children or grandchildren - ensure that they get an opportunity to benefit from a tertiary eduction (at UWI or ANY university in the world they choose). The earlier you start to save, the more they will benefit. Start with what you can manage each month and increase as you are able.

This offer is open to all UWIAA cardholders - not only parents and grandparents, but aunts, uncles and guardians too. 

Special HEFI  contact for UWIAA members: Mrs. Sonia Elliott      Tel: 876-774-1034       Email:



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