The International Centre for Caribbean Language Research

icclrThe International Centre for Caribbean Language Research (ICCLR) is a research working group with a regional focus. With its operations based within the office of the Jamaican Language Unit on the UWI, Mona campus, the ICCLR will be networking with its regional membership, to carry out a number of projects; namely:

  1. Projects 1, 2 & 3 - Digital Archive, Endangered languages and Language Description
  2. Project 4 – Communication Across the Curriculum
  3. Project 5 – Sexuality and Language in the Caribbean
  4. Project 6 & 7 – Bilinigual Education

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The work of the ICCLR will be of tremendous use to various interest groups across the region e.g. researchers, academics, students, legal counsel with an interest in Language Rights and Policy issues and policy makers among others. In the medium to long term, the ICCLR also hopes to be so established so as to facilitate research skills development and provide career opportunities to aspiring Linguists regionally.

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