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September 2019

Reflections on Innovation: The TMRU Story

This is the first in the UWI Museum’s Innovators and Inventors Series which showcases, collects (through objects, photographs and audiovisual material) and records the work of scholars and activists who have shaped the research agenda and output of the UWI.

Through the Eyes of the Youth

What do you see when you look at Historic Ruins? Do you see the colors that once brilliantly glowed under the sun or do you just see an old dull structure from a time before your existence? How does an individual’s background shape his or her vision and interpretation of historic sites? It is said that a picture can tell a thousand words but how many more words can a painting tell, if any at all?
Omari Nicholson viewing the museum

“Conversation with the Chancellor” held in The Bahamas

The UWI Chancellor & Director of Alumni Relations with the UWIAA President (Bahamas), Missouri Sherman Peter & UWI Medical Alumni President (Dr. Robin Roberts) after dinner at Luciano’s, as well as alumni executive members, Campus Directors

UWI Chancellor Bermudez hosted a packed to capacity Chancellor’s Conversation with alumni and future alumni (students) with the theme: One University, A Family of Graduates – Building Nations with Global Impact in the Bahamas. The Director of Alumni Relations for the UWI Celia Davidson Francis also visited The Bahamas along with the Chancellor. The interactive discussion was spirited and focused on solutions and recommendations to challenges as well as ways to promote the UWI and its graduates and the betterment of the Caribbean.

Pelican Soaring It is Chevening Time!

UWI STAT Alumni Ambassador and UWI graduate Jeffrey Foreman serves as crown counsel in the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Division of the Attorney General's Chambers. In this capacity he provides legal advice on matters relating to the drafting and enactment of legislation, which has included work in areas ranging from data privacy and protection to occupational safety and health, and national security. He also provides advice concerning the interpretation of the Constitution of Jamaica.

UWI alumnus Richard Byles: The New Governor of the Bank of Jamaica

As of August 19, 2019 Richard Byles is the Governor of Jamaica’s central bank, Bank of Jamaica (BOJ). He will head the Bank’s Board of Directors, as well as act in the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Bank.


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