Surviving COVID-19: Visitors’ Words

Surviving COVID-19: Visitors’ Words

Museums and the exhibitions they host offer an avenue for reflecting and connecting with elements of the past. However, it is often the interactive sections of the exhibitions that really stimulate thought and reflection. This is evident in the “Surviving COVID-19” exhibition where visitors often grow emotional in their recollection of the pandemic. Upon reaching the “Share your COVID-19 Experience…” wall and informing the tour party of the purpose of this section we often see a variety of expressions dance across the visitor’s faces, hear sighs or sometimes nervous laughter as they delve into recalling their experiences and contemplate the ideal word that is representative of that time. We compiled those words into a word cloud so you can get a sense of our visitors’ experiences. Please feel free to share any words that stand out to you while viewing.

The “Surviving COVID-19: Reflections and a Photographic Journey” exhibition was opened October 3, 2022 and was scheduled to close on December 2022. However, given the positive feedback and the demand for access to the exhibition we have pushed back the closing date to April 28, 2023. We are looking forward to seeing you before the exhibition closes.


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