UWIAA Membership

Annual or Life Membership - Any person who has been awarded a degree, licentiate, diploma or certificate in any Faculty of The UWI or of The University College of the West Indies may apply. This is the only category eligible for nomination to Executive Positions and has full voting rights. All Main Campus and Open Campus certificates, diplomas and degrees, no matter the length of study, qualify an individual as a "graduate" and therefore make them eligible for this category of membership.

Associate Membership - Any person who has completed one academic year may qualify however this request will be taken to Council by the Alumnus Representative through the Institutional Advancement Division. These members do not have the right to hold executive office. Graduates of other recognized Universities may have Associate Membership.

Honorary Membership - Persons who hold Honorary Degrees from UWI qualify. Chapters may grant Honorary Membership. They may attend meetings but may not vote.

Group Membership - Alumni may form affiliated groups based on graduating class, disciplines, geographic area or other common characteristics. Such groups fall under the "umbrella" country chapter and may only be represented on the Central Executive Committee through their local "umbrella" chapters. They may operate independently however the President of the Group is automatically an Executive Member of the Campus Country Chapter. All such alumni groups and sub-groups MUST register with the Institutional Advancement Division (IAD) Office of the Vice Chancellor who will advise the Campus Country Chapter and enter them into the records of the University. Chapters who have not registered are not authorised to do so and not recognised by the UWIAA or the University.


If your UWIAA Life, Annual or Associate Membership card is lost or stolen you can replace it. Check with your local UWIAA chapter as replacement costs vary.

UWIAA Definitions

UWIAA Chapter: A recognized organization established under the umbrella of the UWIAA as outlined in the UWI Charter, consisting of alumni and friends living in geographic areas, associated with a particular faculty or having a shared interest. An Executive Committee and/or steering committee must be formed in order to be considered a Chapter.

UWIAA Contact: Individual volunteer(s) where there is no UWIAA Chapter. Serves as point of contact for the Institutional Advancement Division and Campus Alumni Officer and alumni traveling to the area, as well as a resource for UWI faculty and staff. The volunteer(s) may be called on to assist the IAD and/or Campus Alumni Officer in developing and coordinating activities for area alumni.



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