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VIDEO: EXTENDING EXHIBITION SPACES. Looking at similarities and possibilities!

So you may remember that I was On the Road for a few weeks in late 2016, following-up on research, networking and gathering ideas. One great contact was Pamela Forde, Archivist at the Royal College of Physicians in London, UK, who agreed to be videotaped talking about their collection, conservation, collaboration with museum colleagues, and exhibitions within their multi-use space.
So it’s this last point that’s in focus today.


3-D technologies were the order of the day when the UWI Museum hosted facilitators from the University of St Andrews in Scotland who were in the Caribbean conducting workshops under a project aimed at community museums in Europe and Latin America & the Caribbean. The project is titled EULAC Museums and the University of the West Indies is one of several partners.

ON THE ROAD – Sharing Museum Ideas

by Suzanne Francis-Brown
One stop on the road this month was the world of Museum Ideas – via the annual Museum ID conference held this year at the Science Museum in London, titled: The Future of Museums in the Era of Participatory Culture.
The best part of the conference was the opportunity was to sit back and listen to a range of other museum professionals present aspects of their work that overlap in small or big ways with the work we’re doing at the UWI Museum. I’m including the programme to show the range of the presentations.

IRVINE HALL: Requiem…Re-birth…Reprise…

Requiem: Dirge or hymn for the repose of the dead
Reprise: Repetition of an earlier part of a piece of music


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