Mona School of Engineering Alumni Association

Welcome to the Mona School of Engineering Alumni Association (MSE) !

We hope that you will become actively involved!

Our Executive Body:

President - Simone-Claire Campbell
Vice President - Marlon Thompson
Treasurer - Matthew Myers
Secretary - Jodi-Ann Whitehorne
Asst. Treasurer - David Nelson


The purpose of the MSE is to provide

a.A forum for the exchange of ideas which reflect the common interests of its members and uphold the principles, the integrity, and the traditions of the Mona School of Engineering.

b.An avenue for the establishment of social, cultural and professional relations among members.

c.A vehicle for liaising between alumni in Jamaica and alumni in other parts of the world.

d.A vehicle for liaising with Mona School of Engineering (MSE), identifying its requirements for maintaining its standards, for further development and for delivering the best quality education at the tertiary level.

e.A vehicle for developing and implementing projects aimed at supporting Mona School of Engineering, strengthening its institutional framework and encouraging the educational and intellectual development of its students.




  • May 27,- Inaugural General Meeting 
  • Oct 20 -  Electronics Club Visit
  • Oct 20 - Happy Hour
  • Nov 4 - Annual General Meeting  


  • March 31- Career Day                                      
  • May 19 - Happy Hour                                      
  • May 25 - Exhibition footbal                             
  • July 29 - Barbecue                                         
  • Oct 20 - Annual General Meeting                  


The MSE is a Sub-Chapter of the UWIAA Jamaica Chapter and our members can benefit from Pelican Perks.


"One UWI, One Alumni Family" 



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