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Prof Ron Read was best known for his work in mathematics, at the fledgling University of the West Indies (UWI) and at the University of Waterloo in Canada. But the story his daughter Helen told her fellow UWI Mona Campus Kids, reuniting at the UWI Museum recently, was of the time when he spearheaded efforts to develop caving in Jamaica. These efforts led to the establishment of the Jamaica Caving Club and the linked University Caving Club, and to numerous muddy expeditions.
Check out Helen’s presentation, rooted in an unpublished memoir from her father:

“Facing the Challenge of a New Age”: Martin Luther King Jr. at UWI June 20 1965

Another Martin Luther King Day and Rev Dr King’s visit to the University of the West Indies Mona Campus in June 1965 is still well worth remembering; his thoughts expressed then still resonate. In November 2015, 50 years after the visit, we used the occasion to remember that visit and to launch an occasional series with the UWI Department of History & Archaeology focused on UWI & The 1960s. Look out for more under that title in 2018. And come in to the museum where we have Dr King’s speech at the UWI, playing.



How could we not join our UWI Archives colleagues in recognising UWI’s Chancellor Emeritus, Prof Emeritus Sir George Alleyne, known from schooldays and by all his University (College) of the West Indies peers as ‘Champ’!


The Class of 67 Tours RHQ

The UWI Archives joined us in the UWI Museum to welcome the Class of 1967 in celebrating fifty years as graduates of the University of the West Indies (UWI). We share their post:

Roots of the West Indian Pelican
The Class of ’67

It’s a week of …much ado, a golden jubilee spent at the Alma mater. 50 years since these students donned their caps and gowns and said farewell to their beloved UWI, they return to soak it all in once more.



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