The Hugh Wynter Fertility Management Unit


In pursuit of the national development goals of CARICOM and other countries

The Training department seeks to respond to the local and regional needs for trained professionals who are prepared to deliver a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services as well as other human services including counselling interventions. It contributes to the development of the skills and competencies of a wide cross-section of professionals throughout the English–speaking Caribbean in health, education, the social services and community development by means of targeted training interventions.

Training is provided in the following areas: M.Sc. Counselling, Clinical Skills and the Skills Laboratory


  • Improve the sexual and reproductive health status of the population nationally and regionally through training and skills development.
  • Improve the pyschological health of the population by delivering the Masters in Counselling by Distance Education to a wide cross-section of professionals in the English-speaking Caribbean.
  • Collaborate with relevant local, regional and international stakeholders to develop and deliver training programmes to specific target groups.
  • Enhance the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents, males, children with special needs and others.