• Hurricane Irma 2017

    Anguilla, a low-lying British Overseas Territory in the eastern Caribbean, was one of
    several islands subjected to the brutality of Hurricane Irma during the Atlantic Hurricane Season
    of 2017. After devastating Barbuda, the Category Five system made landfall in Anguilla and Sint
    Maarten on September 6th. That day by 8:00AM, the National Emergency Operating Centre
    reported that Hurricane Irma was located 15 miles west-southwest of Anguilla and moving west-
    northwest, with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph and higher gusts. At that time, the eye of

  • Hurricane Gonzalo 2014

    Storm hit the island as a Category 1 hurricane, eastern and eastern parts of island experienced most damage that included fallen utility poles, roof damage and vegetation damage; there were blocked roads and widespread leakage in homes, businesses and offices
    There was disruption to electrical and some telecommunication services. There was Flooding in 3 of the 14 districts, as a result there were flood-damaged buildings and communities including the airport and main hospital this led to a USD $ 500,000 insurance payout from the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility.

  • Hurricane Lenny 1999

    Anguilla received 4 to 6 inches of rain in four hours, this led to flooding, Flooding was the worst in the island’s history. Some houses were almost covered by flood waters and this took 8 weeks to go away. Beach erosion was extensive, beaches were eroded by sea swells of up to 12 feet, localized flooding was reported. Tourism infrastructure was extensively damaged,
    The island coastline was damaged by the Category 4 storm that led to USD $65.8 million in damage. Damages to the social sector amounted to USD $ 7.7 million and US$ 410,410 to the health sector.