• Great Hurricane of 1780

    Island began to field impacts and rain on the night of October 9th 1780. Described as the one of the most destructive hurricanes to have stuck Barbados and the islands of the Eastern Caribbean. The strongest buildings were affected by the wind and torn up off their foundations, all the forts were destroyed, many buildings were destroyed. Many churches, public buildings and almost every house in Bridgetown was leveled. Many of the trees were stripped of their park, meteorologists are of the opinion that this effect is produced of wind velocities of over 200 mph.

  • Hurricane Irma 2017

    Bahamas escaped the worst of the storm. Inagua, South Acklins and Ragged Island took the most direct hit from the storm which packed winds of 155 mph near New Providence. Multiple homes in Grand Bahamas were damaged by tornadic activity. 70 % of homes in Inagua sustained roof damage. The country had a reported 135 million in damage and losses from the storm.

    Source: Tribune242 (2017), Hartnell (2018), The Nassau Guardian 2017

  • Hurricane Mathew 2016

    Ninety-five per cent of the buildings in the Eight Mile Rock and Holmes Rock areas in Grand Bahama received significant damage from Hurricane Matthew. Portions of the homes were blown out and roofs were completely blown off due to the category 4 storm. There were, however, no reports of lives lost. Hurricane Matthew damaged numerous buildings, forced lamp poles down and knocked down trees in Grand Bahama, making roads impassable. According to the Prime Minister Hurricane Matthew would cost the Government in the region of $600 million

  • Hurricane Joaquin 2015

    Category 4 hurricane which packed winds of 130mph hit the southern and central Bahamas the hardest on October 1 and 2nd. Hardest Hit in Crooked Islands, Atkins, Long Island, Rum Cay, Exuma and San Salvador where there was flooding and outages, communication to these islands were affected by the blackout that affected landline, internet and mobile outages. 46 persons had to be evacuated from Crooked Islands. A shortage of clean drinking water and food occurred across the southern Bahamian islands. on Several of the islands the airports were severely affected.

  • Hurricane Sandy 2012

    Maximum sustained winds of 120 km/h registered near Grand Bahamas. Rainfall measures from 6 to 12 inchesTwo persons were killed including one person who fell trying to repair a window shutter as the storm approached and another who drowned dut to storm surge. Parts of the country lost power and cell service and the Island of Bimini experienced a power outage . Cat island and Exuma received most of the extensive damage with downed trees, utlitlity ploes and strucutral damage to homes.