Trinidad and Tobago

  • Mud Volcano at Devil’s Woodyard 2018

    In 2018 the Devil’s Woodyard mud volcano on the 13th February 2018 erupted twice spewing mud and gas some six metres into the air, while the disc of mud expanded to cover an area approximately 100 metres in diameter from the centre of the eruption. a French researcher had collected data which seemed to suggest the Devil’s Woodyard erupts on an average of every 29 years.

  • Mud Volcano Eruption of the Piparo Mud Volcano 1997

    Eruption on 23rd February, 1997 ; The Piparo mud volcano erupted in 1997, a large part of the town was declared a disaster area after the mud volcano erupted. The Volcano caused widespread damage that left 108 people homeless. Three houses, more than a dozen vehicles and scores of farm animals, poultry and houses pets were buried under tons of gaseous grey mud which spewed some 200 feet into the air when the volcano blew. Eleven other houses were partially submerged under the mud. And several others badly damaged by the tremors which accompanied the eruption.

  • Earthquake 2018

    The first earthquake of magnitude 6.9 at 17 31 hours on August 21st ,2018. The tremor, which occurred around 5.30pm and reportedly lasted for about two minutes. A magnitude of 7.2 was reported at the epicentre in Venezuela. A magnitude 6.0 aftershock occurred at 0928 hours on August 22, 2018. Further to the earthquake event there were 32 aftershocks. These were evenly distributed from 21st August 2018 into 22nd August 2018. There were no reports of loss of life and serious injury.

  • Earthquake 1997

    On the 22nd of April 1997, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred 10 km of the south west coast of Tobago (Latchman, 2011). Contradictory to the determination of the magnitude established, some U.S and French Observations measured the magnitude at 6.5, while The University of the West Indies Seismic Research Unit in Trinidad reported a magnitude of 5.9 (Caribbean Coastal Studies). According to the United States Geological Survey (1997) the earthquake the earthquake occurred at 09: 31: 23 UTC (05: 31 local standard time) with a depth of 5 kilometers.

  • Flooding 2018

    On Tuesday, 16 October 2018, the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Office (TTMS) issued an Adverse Weather Alert (Yellow Level) that predicted showers and thunderstorms due to the presence of an Inter-Tropical Convergent Zone (ITCZ); the warning was in place from