Frequently Asked Questions

The source material can be accessed by first logging in to UWI's portal.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Choose Windows Authentication from dropdown menu
  3. Log in with the following credentials

    Username: CENTRE-PORTAL\public_user

    Password: publ!c@ccess1

Historical events can be found by using the search icon in the navbar above or by navigating to the search page

Events can be searched by several fields

  • Year
  • Country
  • Event Name
  • Event Phrase

Each historical event contains reference links similar to ones shown below, however they are shown in short form.

In order to access the full form of reference, perform the following

  1. Click on a reference link, such as

    Petty (2004)

  2. Navigate to the full Reference

Full references can be found on the reference page

Information can be downloaded, however we ask that you cite our website.

Hill, Vallana. 2009. "Earthquakes and Jamaica : History and Threats ". Gleaner article courtesy The National Library of Jamaica downloaded from the EKACDM website