• Hurricane Ivan

    Hurricane Ivan took the lives of twenty-eight persons, of which 30 % were due to trauma to the head and chest, attributed directly to the hurricane. The majority or 69 % of the
    victims were males, and 70 % of all deceased were over 60 years old.
    Vulnerability of Women and Children
    Male headed households account for some 52% of the households in Grenada and
    females 48%, but among the poor the situation is reversed, female headship accounts for
    52% of the households. The living conditions and capacities of the head of household is

  • 2011 Flooding Event

    On the 12th April 2011 there were Numerous reports of flooded houses, landslides, road blockages, sunken boats and destroyed houses. In Gouyave, one house was destroyed by the violent river, which overflowed its bank. Road access from Waltham St. Mark to Victoria was blocked. Also, the Balthazar bridge was also flooded. In Clozier, St. John, access to Gouyave was cut off due to a land slide. 11 boats sunk in Victoria, St. Mark. Five major landslips in Gouyave, with about three houses lost along the river and other properties flooded. However, there were no reports of loss of lives.