British Virgin Islands

  • 1867 Virgin Island Tsunami

    On the afternoon of November 18, 1867, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake occurred in the Anegada trough, located between the US Virgin Islands of St. Croix, and St. Thomas. The
    earthquake actually consisted of two shocks, separated by ten minutes. These shocks generated two tsunami waves that were recorded at several Island locations across the eastern Caribbean region, most notably on the Islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix. The first tsunami wave struck the town of Charlotte Amalie, on the island of St. Thomas, approximately 10 minutes after the

  • Hurricane Irma and Maria 2017

    Described as leading to extraordinary level of destruction, the biggest island of Tortola was devastated. Debris from houses, trees and even boats were strewn in the street/. Debris from houses, trees and even boats were strewn in the street. Most buildings described as completely destroyed. Phone and internet affected after, prison damaged. government imposed curfew to deal with security. On the island of Jost Van Dyke -most of the homes were annihilated, island was left without light, water or telephone lines. The island was ravaged with the green hillsides being stripped of trees.

  • Hurricane Earl 2010

    Several areas in Tortola hit hard including Cane Garden Bay and Ballast Bay. High winds and sea swells led to trees being uprooted and houses being affected by flooding. British Virgin Islands incurred 7 Million in damages, half of this 3 ½ million was due to damage to properties, and loss of hours in public service. 3 of the hotels that were damaged estimated needing US 300,000 each to repair infrastructure and deal with beach erosion. In the island of Anegada many businesses suffered losses. French (2010a) This island coastal resources and infrastructure was mainly affected.

  • Hurricane Lenny 1999

    This storm peaked at winds of 84mph over the British Virgin Islands. This late season storm caused some significant damage, Main areas affected was the Sir Francis Drake Highway which was affected by erosion due to high seas; A major landslide occurred in the Coxheath area which created a roadblock. Total damage and loss to the economy as a result of Lenny was estimated at 22, ,053, 963 USD or 3.1 % of Gross Domestic Product or national income. The storm cost the economy 11.32 days of production in only 8 hours.

  • Hurricane Hugo 1989

    This Category 4 storm with winds between 135 to 160 mph, the center of the storm passed some 60 miles to the south of BVI, storm surge of 3-4 feet was experienced with as much as 9 to 12 feet observed in some areas. Homes were damaged, 100 persons were made homeless. 30 %( 960 homes) of all houses were damaged and 10 % (96) of homes were severely damaged with costs of $80,000 US and above. The total damage to homes was $14,640,000 USD. Much of the damage to homes was damaged roofing. Eight schools experienced damage. An estimated 40 % of the mangrove area had been wind damaged.