• 1842 May 7, Tsunami

    A strong earthquake produced a destructive tsunami that struck the north coast, at Mole Saint-Nicholas, at Cap-Haitien there was extensive destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami , At Port-de-Paix the sea receded 60m and the returning wave covered the city with 5m of water. About 200 of the city’s 3000 inhabitants were killed by the earthquake and tsunami.

    Source: https://goo.gl/BUej5Y

  • 2018 Earthquake

    An earthquake of magnitude 5.9 occurred 20km north of Port-de-Paix (North-West department) Saturday, October 6, at 8:10pm local time (New York time). This was followed by two aftershocks Sunday of magnitude 5.2 was located 10 kilometers deep and 16 kilometers north-northwest of Port-de-Paix and Monday at around 4 p.m. The second, of magnitude 4.2 located at 10 kilometers deep and 32 kilometers north-northwest of Port-de-Paix.

  • The 2010 Earthquake

    On 12 January 2010, at 4:53 p.m. local time, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck the Republic of Haiti, with an epicenter located approximately 25 km south and west of the capital city of Port-au-Prince. Near the epicenter of the earthquake, in the city of Le´ogaˆne, it is estimated that 80%–90% of the buildings were critically damaged or destroyed. The metropolitan Port-au-Prince region, which includes the cities of Carrefour, Pe´tion-Ville, Delmas, Tabarre, Cite Soleil, and Kenscoff, was also severely affected.

  • The 1842 Earthquake

    The May 7, 1842 earthquake caused extensive damage all along northern Hispaniola. Cap-Haitien was violently shaken by an MS 8.1 earthquake (19.5 N, 72.1 W) which occurred in the Northern Depression of Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic). It extended from Samana to Mole St. Nicolas, and crossing the Windward Passage, was felt along the Sierra Maestra in Cuba, and throughout the Antilles.

  • Hurricane Flora 1963

    After leaving the Southern Windwards, hurricane Flora moved on a fairly smooth and regular track toward the southwestern Haitian peninsula gradually acquiring a more northward component. The vortex entered the Haitian south coast at Côtes-de-Fer and calms were noted at Fonds-des-Nègres and Anse-à-Veau. Winds of 102 m.p.h were noted at Côtes-de-Fer