• Hurricane Iris 2001

    Severe category 4 storm made landfall on October 9, was small but severe, with winds as high as 138mph, the storm devastated Southern Belize. Due to the small size of
    The storm damage was concentrated within a 60-mile wife area in South Belize. There was extensive damage caused to public utilities and houses. Hardest hit were Monkey River Town, Placencia and Independence with a 8 to 15 foot feet surge. Other areas in Stann Creek and Toledo Districts were also damaged. In Monkey River Town only 2 buildings remained standing and 1 of those the hurricane shelter lost its roof.

  • Hurricane Keith 2000

    The storm hit Belize on the 30th September 2000. It remained in the area for 4 days with winds of 60-135 mph and torrential rains. Hurricane Keith affected the coastal islands of Belize as a Category 3 hurricane but weakened to a tropical storm before actually making landfall in mainland Belize. The Keys (San Pedro and Caulker) were hardest hit, where more than 2,000 persons were affected. Approx. 30,000 people were affected by flooded communities in the rural districts of Belize, Orange Walk, Corozal and Cayo. Many houses were destroyed as much as 60 % in the Keys.

  • Hurricane Hattie 1961

    Hurricane Hattie hit then British Honduras (Belize) on October 31st, with winds of 150 to 160 mph. The strong winds and flood waters destroyed all weather and instruments records. Storm tides of 10 to 11 feet along the Belize (capital) waterfront deposited mud as high as 3rd floor on some buildings. 75 % of the capital was destroyed or severely damaged, villages like Stan Creek was almost erased. 307 persons died. Many homes were left without roofs.

  • Hurricane Janet 1955

    Belize which was known as British Honduras as the time was hit on the 28th September, 1928, winds of more than 175 m.p.h. recorded at the Airport however the anemometer broke, the wind continued to increase and the max. winds were estimated at 200 mph. Janet was described as the fiercest hurricane in the history of the county accompanied by torrential downpours and flooding in large parts of the Northern Districts, Little flooding from the sea except in the area of Sarteneja where the water is reported to have risen by 8 feet.

  • 1931 Hurricane

    According to EMDAT 1500 persons perished, A wave swept over the Capital Belize City . The city was submerged all over by 5 feet of water with small boats being carried inland as a result of the storm. Six city blocks were completely wiped out. Part of the city with debris and bodies was burned to prevent the spread of disease. 70 % of the city was destroyed. Many in the capital were left homeless as a result. Radio facilities in the capital were put out of order by the storm.