Tropical Storm Arthur 2008

This storm moved across Belize at 7 miles per hour with wings of 40 mph extending 230 miles from the center. Rainfall measured up to 15 inches over a 3 day period. Mud slides and life-threatening floods affected Southern Belize and Stann Creek districts the most. 29 villages were impacted. Communities worst hit included Mullins River, Gales Point Manatee, Hope Creek, Sittee River and Hopkins. Five deaths occurred. And approximately 1,023 families were directly or indirectly affected by the floods. Significant losses were reported in the petroleum, agriculture, fisheries, and education sectors, along with severe infrastructural damage in the affected districts. Total direct losses have been estimated at $47.7 million. Major losses were as follows:

Infrastructure - $12.18 million
Housing - $11.38 million
Fisheries - $ 7.89 million
Petroleum - $ 4.15 million
Education - $ 3.48 million
Total Economic losses were tabulated at $67.37 million (inclusive of the direct losses) . As a result of the Storm Belize reported needing $47.76 million for the affected communities and sectors. Most significant among these was the infrastructure and housing sectors which will need $16.24 million and $12.85 million respectively. The latter value includes $10.70 million for restoration/ replacement of household items in the affected areas.



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