Hurricane Richard 2010

Storm had sustained winds of 90 mph. 890 houses experienced damage, 60 % of this was in Belize City. Several of the homes impacted in Belize City and Dangriga Town are as a result of Storm Surge and resulting pooling from lack of retaining seawall structures and from poor improper drainage. Strong winds affected Belmopan and its surroundings. It is estimated that 15-20 % of homes in the Salvapan/Sand Martin/Maya Mopan/ Las Flores areas have suffered level 3 and 4 damages. Most damaged structures in San Martin required reconstruction
There are damages reported to across 53 communities. The housing Sector damage amounted to BZD $ 14.1 million, Damages to homes were most as a result of roof structures and water damaged to homes because of roof failure.

Direct total losses to economic activity is estimated at BZD 70.5 million

The following sectors damage amount to:

Education: BZD 407,000 in losses
Agriculture: Hardest hit , The citrus industry was projected to have a loss of BZD $ 29.1million
Papaya industry: USD 5.1 million
Export and subsistence cops and agriculture infrastructure BZD 38.4 million

Fisheries: due to loss of vessels, camps and gears loss of BZD 4.28 million
Loss to the industry dye to loss of fishing capacities: BZD 4.68 million

Tourism: Initial losses to the industry 7.4 million



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