Hurricane Earl 2016

Hurricane which hit on the 3rd August 2016 hit as a Hurricane 1 storm with winds of 80mph. Storm surge of up to 9 feet reported. No recorded deaths. Structural damage to businesses, government and private buildings and homes occurred. As a result of the storm there were fallen trees, electrical wires,Many roads and streets were blocked in San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Belize City, River Valley, Orange Walk and Belmopan. and Roofing and broken lumber, splinters and nails were strewn all over the affected cities. Flash flooding occurred in some communities along the Macal and Mopan rivers.

Total Economic Impact across the Social, Productive, Infrastructure and Environmental, Fisheries and Forests Sectors is estimated to be BZD$188,678,394. The major areas affected were primarily the Belize, Orange Walk, Cayo, and Stann Creek Districts. A total of 3,109 households were impacted. Damages to the Social Sectors of Belize are estimated to be BZD$22,180,063 and include:

damage to the Housing Sector are estimated at BZD$17,795,814;
damage to the Education Sector estimated at BZ$317,485;
damages to the Health Sector were estimated at BZD$3,750,714
damage to Historical and Cultural sites is estimated to be BZD$316,050.

Damage to the productive sectors are estimated at BZD$124,472,264 this includes:
-total damage to the agricultural sector is BZD$76,698,713
-total economic impact of Hurricane Earl on our Hotel Sector, including loss of revenue from overnight tourist expenditure, tour operators and Cruise is estimated at BZD$31,926,420;
-the total loss to the Aquaculture and Capture Fisheries sector was estimated to be BZD$15,847,131
-total estimated damages to Infrastructure are estimated to be BZD$31,547,258 and are broken down as follows: the total damages to the Electricity sector were estimated to be BZD$10,000,000; the total damages to the Telecommunications sector were estimated to be BZD$1,783,363; the total damages to roads and bridges were estimated to be BZD$2,944,695; the total damages to piers is estimated to be BZD$16,819,200.

The total estimated damages to the Environment and Forestry Sectors of Belize are estimated to be BZD$10,478,809 and are broken down as follows: the total in damages to the Forests and Natural Vegetation is estimated to be BZD$7,360,000; the total estimated cost for Environmental Goods and Services is estimated to be BZD$1,406,260; the total damage to Marine and Coastal Habitat was estimated at BZD$1,712,549.

The storm significantly affected the areas of Agriculture, Tourism, and Housing.



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