• Hurricane Maria 2017

    Maria made landfall on Dominica as a Category 5 Hurricane on September 18th with estimated winds of 160MPH. The hurricane force resulted in intense storm surges, torrential downpour, overflowing raging rivers, and extremely high winds across the island. As the hurricane passed over the center of the island, Dominica was exposed to extraordinary winds for more than three hours. This was accompanied by intense rainfall, which provoked flashfloods and landslides.

  • Tropical Storm Erika 2015

    Erika was a tropical storm whose torrential rains inflicted significant casualties and damage on the Caribbean island of Dominica. The largest rainfall amounts associated with Erika, by far, were observed on Dominica, where maximum totals reached 12.62 inches. Practically all of this precipitation occurred on 27 August. The devastation on the mountainous country was island wide, but was particularly intense in nine communities, mainly in the capital and along the southeastern, west and eastern corridor.

  • Hurricane Omar 2008

    The West Coast of Dominica received a severe battering from Hurricane Omar from about midnight October 15, 2008. A preliminary report from the Office of Disaster Management indicated that there was wide spread infrastructural damage to roads, sea defenses, ports and utilities from sea swells and several families have been affected. About 30 families or approximately 125 persons from the West Coast were made homeless and had to be accommodated by friends and families.

  • Hurricane Lenny 1999

    This very unusual eastward-tracking and late-season storm developed in the Caribbean sea in mid-November reaching a Category 4 by November 17-19 when it stalled within the Leeward Islands in the Anguilla-St.Marteen area. It caused high seas and strom damage on western coastal areas of Dominica that are commonly less vulnerable, being on the leeward side of the island. As it was not expected to cause high winds in the Windward Islands, there was no hurricane warning in Dominica.