• Tropical Storm Iris, Hurricane Marilyn and Hurricane Luis 1995

    Three storms affected the Eastern Caribbean in rapid succession-Tropical Storm Iris on August 27, Hurricane Marilyn on September 5 and Hurricane Luis on September 18 both of Category 1 strength. Since the three events occurred within 3 weeks, it is almost impossible to separate the effects. The death that occurred was with Hurricane Luis when one man attempted to save a boat.
    Dominica was not as severely impacted as other islands but the impacts on the natural resource sectors were significant

  • Hurricane Hugo 1989

    Hurricane Hugo reached Category 4 status in the Eastern Caribbean. Dominica did not receive a direct hit but the hurricane had a serious impact. Damage estimated to capital stock were put at EC $ 20 million. Government savings were reduced by EC 11 million as emergency response activities were undertaken. Tourist arrivals fell by 27 % in the next year, 1990. Damage to the Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery sector estimated at EC $ 49 million. This included EC$ 48 m direct damage and a further EC $ 1 million in agricultural infrastructure. Agricultural output in general declined by 18 %.

  • Hurricane David 1979

    On 29th August 1979 Hurricane David, reported to be one of the strongest hurricanes of this century, with winds that at times exceeded 250 km per hour, swept the island of Dominica. Hurricane David has been described as the most devastating hurricane in more than 150 years and was regarded as one of the most powerful hurricanes to have affected the Eastern Caribbean up to that time. The direct effects lasted approximately 12 hours, but the impact was felt for many years afterwards.