1843 Earthquake

Guadeloupe's Soufriere erupts, killing 5,000 people there. Disastrous earthquakes rocked the Leewards following the eruption, with heavy damage to public buildings in Antigua. In Montserrat there were 6 deaths and many injuries. Only 3 of the 36 operating sugar works escaped serious damage (Webb's, Broderick's and Dagenham). Only a few buildings in Plymouth were completely destroyed, but almost all were damaged. All of the churches were unusable. Roads were buried, collapsed cliffs buried cottages and provision grounds [kitchen gardens -Bill] in the mountains. The west side of Chance Peak was laid bare and Gage's Upper Soufriere appeared. [A warning of things to come a century and a half later. -Bill] A relief loan fund was created by the British government. Montserrat was allotted £15,000.
After this quake, all buildings in Plymouth were rebuilt with a wooden upper story.

Source: https://goo.gl/AujYT9


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