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1993 Earthquake

The Earthquake Unit (which continues to record seismic activities on the island today), recorded a 5.4 magnitude earthquake on January 13, 1993. It was the most significant earthquake recorded since 1957 and as a result of this earthquake, Jamaica experienced:

1957 March 1, Earthquake

The 1957 earthquake caused deaths, left hundreds homeless and property damage, particularly in St. James and other western areas of the island. Many schools, churches and homes were severely damaged and some destroyed entirely. According to reports Montego Bay and its environs were the worst hit areas by the earthquake. There the St. James Parish church suffered heavy damage. The clock tower was completely destroyed. Other churches extensively damaged included the Holy Trinity Church, St. Paul’s Kirk and Burchell Baptist Church.

1907 Kingston Earthquake

In Jamaica, January 14, 1907 the relatively simple and quiet existence of the city of Kingston was hit at about 3 pm by three shocks which caused considerable damage to every building in the city and spawned a fire that gutted much of the commercial centre. Property valued at some two million pounds sterling lay in ruins.