1935 Earthquake

Most of the damage due to this series of earthquakes resulted from three shocks occurring in 1935. The first came on 6 may and the second on 24 August. The latter caused damage to the water mains in Plymouth. The third 1935 'quake occurred on 10 November and was felt on Antigua and St. Kitts. Landslides occurred on Redonda. On Montserrat there was some panic, but the arrival of a British ship helped to restore calm. Damage was widespread. The entire east wall fell out of St. Anthony's church, with structural damage throughout the rest of the structure. The apse of St. Peter's parish church collapsed. The Court House was completely destroyed, and the Commissioner's official mansion was rendered uninhabitable. The Commissioner as well as the Canon of St. Anthony's were sleeping in wooden huts in their gardens. Most government buildings were officially considered beyond repair.
Even the sturdy Belham Bridge didn't escape undamaged. Part of its parapet wall and the face of one arch were completely gone. While repairs were pending, a wooden bridge was assembled in 3 days to connect the north and the south. £4,000 worth of repairs to the bridge were required.
After the November 1935 'quake, the tremors subsided.

Source: https://goo.gl/cSP2Ko


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