Hurricane Dean 2007

The Ministry of Health confirmed six (6) deaths due to Hurricane Dean, 4 males and 2 females resulting from falling concrete block, flying debris, wind effect and roof collapse and two indirect deaths from electrocution

In the fishing industry, approximately 3 500 marine fisher folk, mainly on the south coast, were
directly impacted as they lost fishing equipment including nets and traps. Assuming that each
fisher supplies an average of two vendors, the minimum indirect impact would be approximately
7 000 persons. The extent of the impact for these persons would have been worsened by the
length of the recovery period which itself was extended by the severe erosion of some fishing
beaches and destruction of fishing villages. The income flow of these persons would also have
been disrupted by reduction in demand, as electricity supplies were not restored to approximately
one-third of customers up to seven days following the event. It is anticipated that the worst
affected persons would require some 2 - 6 weeks before returning to their fishing activities. Men
constitute the largest proportion of fishers and would therefore bear the greatest over-all burden
of damage and loss in this industry. The gender impact was nonetheless severe for women who
make up the largest portion of fish vendors.


Taken from these original sources
PIOJ (2007)


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