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Tropical Storm Nicole 2010

Data on the directly affected population was generally not provided by gender. However, in terms of death and injuries, males fared worse than females. Males accounted for 75% of mortality and 74% of the injured. It is known that males account for the majority of farmers and would account for the majority of the approximately 17,000 domestic crop farmers and 1700 livestock farmers whose property crops and livestock were damaged.

Tropical Storm Gustav 2008

Twenty persons reportedly lost their lives as a result of the storm, ten of whom have been have been confirmed, 3 females and 7 males (Table 1.7). Among those who died were four persons who drowned in Kintyre and Lawrence Tavern when their houses collapsed into the Hope River in St. Andrew; four persons who were swept away in a vehicle in Bull Bay, St. Andrew and three children from the Mustard Seed community who died from trauma. One man reportedly suffering from asthma who was unable to get medical attention, collapsed near the Hope River Bridge and was later pronounced dead.