• Hurricane Sandy 2012

    Hurricane Sandy impacted the island not from the traditional, south-easterly direction but from the south during what can be considered as the latter part of the North Atlantic Hurricane season. Rainfall analysis associated with the passage of Hurricane Sandy show that the three-day totals for rainfall was below their 30-year mean at most stations. Rainfall volumes at four stations exceeded the 30-year mean.

  • Hurricane Dean 2007

    As at October 26, 2007 the preliminary estimate of the damage and losses incurred by the Jamaican economy due to the passage of Hurricane Dean on August 19, 2007 was $23.05 billion (US$ 329.34 million). Damage and losses in the productive sector represented the greatest portion of impact accounting for over 50.0 percent of the estimated total. See Table below. Most of the cost was incurred within the agricultural sector and is related mainly to projected loss of revenue associated with damage to traditional export crops such as bananas, sugar and coffee.