• 1915 September 24-25 Storm

    - Heavy rains, winds and thunderstorms were experienced at Kempshot, Montego Bay, Lucea and Negril
    - The centre of the storm was located south of Jamaica
    - Banana fields were greatly damaged
    - Rio Minho and Thomas River in Clarendon became full resulting in flooding
    - There was also a severe thunderstorm in Clarendon that lasted for 3 hours
    - There was some loss of life due to flooding
    (Weather Report no. 447 September 1915) p.5-6

    Source: https://goo.gl/EgjKLP

  • 1915 August 12-13 Hurricane

    - “Report on the Hurricane of August 12th and 13th” (1915) no. 446 p. 2-4 stated that the centre of the hurricane passed over Buff Bay in St. Mary. In Port Maria between 250 and 3oo persons were rendered homeless. The Town Hall and Court House had to be resorted to for shelter
    - Much damage was done to wharves in St. Mary
    - Considerable damage was done to Oracabessa and Ocho Rios and the wharves and wharf houses were damaged in St. Ann’s Bay and Falmouth
    - Houses on the sea coast were either destroyed or lifted up and carried away

  • 1912 November 10-18 Cyclone

    - The Jamaica Weather Report for the month of November, 1912 no. 411 (pages 1-3) states that due to a cyclone, heavy rains fell over the north-eastern part of the island in St. Thomas, Portland, St. Andrew, and St. Mary on the 10th, 11th and 12th of November 1912
    - On the 14th of November, a cablegram was received stating that there was a second depression located south-west of Kingston
    - By the 18th of November, both cyclones had produced a hurricane and resulted in a “furious” hurricane which created severe weather conditions in Montego Bay and Kempshot in St. James